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Warning. There is mid violence and Swearing. You have been warned.

The sunlight shining into the dusty Inn window, Jarae's tired eyes fluttered open. Yawning tiredly he slowly sat up, stretching his arms over his head. Rubbing  his eyes he slowly flipped his feet off the bed. Looking down he laughed when he saw he was still in his clothing. Getting up he walked over to the window. Staring out of it for a moment he suddenly clicked awake. "Destiny!" Blushing, he laughed happily.  He could go see her again!

Rushing around, he quickly fixed his hair, then grabbing a wet cloth he wiped off his face. Straightening his jacket he smoothed out most of the wrinkles before skipping to the door.

Outside, he hurried to the Sad Unicorn, joy adding a spring to his steps. Smiling brighter then he had in a long time, he nearly danced down the streets. The bright blue sky, sprung above him he gave a little cheerful nod to people he passed.

Arriving at the Sad Unicorn, he eagerly pushed open the smooth wooden door. Embraced by the smell of baked goods, and other goodies, his eyes quickly scanned for Destiny.

Spotting her wiping off a table he nearly dashed over to her, as he let out an excited hi. "Hello, Destiny! How are you today?!" Covering his mouth when he saw that he had yelled he chuckled nervously. "Sorry for yelling."

Looking up from the table her bored face, melted into a huge grin. "Hello Jarae! Oh, it's quite alright dear." Giggling she gave him a quick hug before strolling to the back room.

Watching her a little dazed he barely had time to hug her back before she was was in the back. Waiting for her he was shocked when she came out with a big batch of freshly baked cookies.

"Here. Have one, Joey made them. She makes wonderful cookies. Here! Eat one!" Stuffing a cookie in his mouth, she watched him gobble it down. " Here you can sit here and watch me if you'd like. I just need to clean some things, then if I get a moment we can talk for a while. Alright Rae?"

"Oh! Yeah, Okay!" Sitting down he watched her closely like a love sick puppy. Munching on the cookies he was given, he smiled, his face a bright pink.

Time passed quickly that day, especially for the working Destiny. Before the two knew it, her shift was over. Jarae grabbed her hand tightly, after she had changed out of her work cloths and came back into the main room, he stared at her intently.

His face flushed and his voice caught in his throat, he could barely choke out his next words. "... Destiny. Will you... go out with me?" Watching her face carefully his heart beat in his head, for the fear of her saying no.

"Mmm... Of course!" Leaning forward she planted a big kiss on his cheek. "I'd love to go out with you. I know a good place in town if you wish to go there. They have wonderful food, and not bad prices either."

Stunned when she said yes, he almost didn't hear her other words till he nodded his head. "Okay! I! Yey!" Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he held her in a tight embrace. "I'm so happy you said yes!"

"Hehe Oh Rae. Well. I should go home, and you should get fixed up yourself. I'll meet you at my house okay? Do you remember the way?"

"Yes! Yes I do!" squeezing her hand, he smiled even brighter. "I'll come by your house at … Six? How does-"

"That sounds lovely Jarae." Leaning forward she kissed his cheek before slipping past him out the door.

Watching her leave, his heart pitter-pattered in his rib cage. Leaving the store he made his way around town, stopping at a few places here and there. The hours passed like years as he waited in agony for it to be six, but finally the hour drew near. Racing to Destiny's house he eagerly greeted her.

A gasp escaping his lips when she opened the door, he took in each detail of her. Her long flowing hair was up in a high pony tail, while she had on a bright red dress, fit for a queen. She had long gloves on with matching high heels.

Bowing to her, he pulled out a rose. Handing it to her he blushed. "It is Taeia, in a few days, and well... I was wondering, if, along with my date, you'd be my Taeia?" Reaching out he lightly kissed her hand.
"Ah, Jarae, you're such a sweetheart. Yes. I will. I almost forgot about that holiday."  Her sweet voice like candy to Jarae's ears she squeezed his hand.

Walking down the road, the two of them chatted, almost like the night before. Then it was not long before the two were having dinner. Munching away at their food the two laughed and giggled. Jarae's love growing every moment.

"You know..." Destiny's finger danced around the wine glass' top, causing a light ringing. " I never really had a date this close to Taeia... I... I thank you Jarae for sticking with me. Most guys just sleep and run you know?"

"R-really? I... thats such a shame... they never get to see what a nice girl you are. I... well if they do that then I suppose they don't deserve you. Right?" Playing with his fork a bit he then let go of it, extending his hand to hers. Lightly taking a hold of it he smiled.

Watching his hand she held it tightly, as his thoughts drifted for a moment. "Yes... that is true. I remember when my grandma told me about when she married my grandpa. It was on Taeia, you know. It was a long time ago, and I can barely remember her telling me. But oh... the stories she used to tell. Anyway, my grandpa proposed  to her on that day. Even though, everything about their date went wrong! Hah! Silly... I know. Although I remember how she used to tell me the story of Taeia, how the Goddess saved that man. Oh listen to me go on... I'm sure you know the story."

"No... please go on, I love hearing you speak." Lovestruck he caressed her hand with his thumb.

Laughing she blushed. "Well alright. Grandma told me... But long  ago there was a man, who's name was Taeia. And all he had ever longed for was his wife, who had died many years before. Living in sorrow he found a hobby with marrying couples who wished to be wed. He did his best to bring love to those who needed it, and kindness to those in need. Then... after years of doing this he grew old, but then on his death bed. The Goddess... promised him a life with his wife." Trailing off from her story she laughed. "Such a nice story... right?" looking up at Jarae she smiled sweetly.

"It is when you tell it." Grinning at her he rested on his other hand while he gazed at her.

"Well It's getting late, shall we get going?"

"Oh... yeah I suppose we can." Getting up Jarae, paid for the meal before the two of them left.


"So... would you like me to take you home now?" After walking around with Destiny for a few hours he smiled at her.

"No... can, we stop at your room? The Inn is closer, and I'd like to sit for a bit before going home. It's a long way." Shaking her head she snuggled up close to his shoulder.

"Sure!" Nodding his head he then lead them to his rented room.

Arriving there fairly quickly, he carefully opened the door. Letting her go in first he took a step inside, closing the door tight. Looking up he was about to speak when her lips locked with his. Flabbergasted by the kiss his arms wrapped tightly around her. His face flushing he held her close, but began to feel her hands sneaking around his body. Within a blink an eye, his coat was on the floor, and his shirt was halfway there. Moving towards the bed, the two of them fell on top of it, enjoying each others warm embrace.


Morning came far to early for Jarae. His head was a little cloudy, as he lay on his bed. Opening his eyes he slowly rolled onto his back, as the night before drifted threw his head. Blushing a bit when he remembered Destiny he turned over, expecting to see her. Surprised when all he saw was a note, he carefully picked it up. Reading it to himself he scanned over the words on the page.

"Jarae. I'm sorry I had to leave. Please know this is for the best, I love you. I do... but it'll never work. Please... take care my love." the note was written in perfect, pristine hand writing.

His heart sinking when he read the note, he read it over and over again. Each time hoping that it would read something different. Tears building in his eyes, he flung out of bed. Getting dressed as quickly as possible he ignored his empty pockets as he fled.

Racing at top speed to Destiny's house he was shocked to find no one there. Panicked he made his way to her work. Only to find out she had not even shown up that day.

Looking all through the town he asked, and begged if people had seen her. However, none had. He was alone. She was gone.

His back to a tree that was just out of town, he curled up in a small ball. Weeping he hid his face in his hands, feeling lost and broken. Pulling out a purple scarf he held it tightly in his hands, before tying it around his neck. Holding the note within his hands his tears nearly hit the page.

Turning his head to the sky he could see a few clouds in the otherwise clear sky. The breeze drifting through his hair, it cooled his wet cheeks. His hazel eyes almost soulless as he felt numb, he sobbed once more. "Destiny... why?"

A day passed. Still Jarae could not find her. He went to every place in town. Not a soul had even seen her. Almost none had even heard of her. Crushed and void of life, Jarae slowly made his way back to the Inn. Where he lay broken for hours, his tears pouring down his face, even though he was too weak to sob.

Gathering his few items, he seemed to have misplaced many, even though he did not care now. He started off on his way to the next town.

Traveling, Jarae less then concerned if there was wind, rain or 'shine, he was dead inside. He felt so abandoned, so... lost. Even though he had only known her for a few days, she was locked in his heart.

Approaching the new town he made his way through the busy streets. The crowd around him more like a blur as his mind was set on the girl he'd lost. His hair drifted over his face as he sulked along, not very aware of people around him.

Suddenly, crashing into someone, his drifting brain was smashed back into reality. Dazed for a moment he then looked up at the tall man before him. His short brown hair was combed over his forehead and he looked quite tough.

"Hey! Come on now!"Yelling as he span around,  his eyes fixed on Jarae. He then hissed out in a threatening voice. "Watch it." Turning away again he looked back at a girl who was standing in the doorway. The anger melting from his face he smiled sweetly before calling out. "Bye Janet! Love you, Doll!" Waving he then turned, getting engulfed by the throng of people.

"Bye Sweetie." Waving to the man she was about to slip inside when she stopped. "Oh no..."

"D-Destiny!!" Overjoyed Jarae dashed over to her, grabbing her hands he smiled breathlessly. "You! You! I found you! I-

"Shh!" Her hand lashing out she wrapped it tight around his mouth, barely giving him a chance to squeak. Dragging him inside the house, she pushed him. Watching him tumble back a bit, she quickly slammed the door. Panting a bit she suddenly spun around, nearly screaming in a panic. "What are you doing here?!"

"What?! What am I...? Destiny! I thought I-"

"My name is Janet, Jarae. I... you weren't supposed to follow me." Hanging her head she covered her face. "No... You!! Jarae, Damn it! You shouldn't have followed! You shouldn't have cared!"

Confused, he looked up at her, his eyes sparking with a little bit of anger.  "Oh? I wasn't supposed to care? This was supposed to be a one-night stand? Well. Sorry but, no one explained that to me over dinner. The waiter must have forgotten to mention it."

"Ugh! Jarae! Just get out! Now! You're in the way! I don't LOVE you! I never did! Didn't you notice the lack of items?! Huh? Your gold will come in handy! So just get out! Now!" Stomping her foot tears built in her eyes. "Just! Leave!"

Stunned at how mean, and hateful she had become, Jarae's heart stopped. "What..."

"You heard me! Leave! Now!"

Shadows falling over his eyes as he looked down, he swallowed hard. Tears spilling over his eyes he clenched his fists. " You... Whore!" Lifting his head up, his eyes swelled with burning ire. Choking back a sob he shook his head. "No... No..." Grabbing his head tightly he shook it harder.  Flipping his head up he screamed. " No! I loved you! I loved you! I... How... could you?! How could you!!" Screaming out in pure rage, he bolted forward. His steel grip wrapping around her frail neck he pinned her to the wall. Squeezing tightly like a boa, he snarled with unadulterated loathing. "You...Bitch." Pain fulled eyes digging into her terrified eyes.

"P-please... Jarae... I'm... sorry." Choking around his grip, she was barely able to whisper out pleas for her life.

"Shut. Up." Pushing harder his eyes narrowed, as they faded into a demonic glare.

Gasping she kicked her feet, and clawed at his hands, even though it was futile. Fighting for air she kicked one last time, before she let go. Her body going limp in Jarae's hands her eyes rolled back in her head. All the life leaving her now, Jarae waited a few more moments before letting go.

Watching her crash to the ground, his face was blank. The moments ticking like hours, he took in deep breaths as he huffed and puffed. Coming to his senses he stared down at her for another moment before he lifted his hands. Looking at how they trembled he slowly gazed down at Janet. Falling to his knees he slowly reached out, touching her lush hair, he let it slide through his fingers.  Extending his arms he pulled her onto his lap, as he stared down at her broken face. His tears pouring over his cheeks he cringed, as the realization kicked in. "What... Have I done...?" Sobbing he curled over her body, as he screamed out. "What have I done?!" Pulling away he gently caressed her face with his quivering hand. "No... Destiny..."

Picking up her body he looked over the room, seeing a small bed he walked over. Softly placing her upon the bed he sobbed one last time. Kissing her forehead, he crossed her arms. Throwing his cloak over his head, he pulled the hood up. The shadows drawing over his face, he bolted out of the house.

Slamming the door he ran with full speed, down the street and past the many people. Tears pouring down his face it wasn't long before he was out of town. Stopping he turned looking at the small village, and with a broken voice he faintly whispered. "Goodbye...Janet."
Okay! Well... I really Really Really REALLY Hope this is enjoy able :S ... So yeah... I'm really tired no long comment for you. Oh but. I tried really hard! and And I got it done before midnight on wensday!!! I GOT IT DONE IN TIME!


Shut up I'm still happy ;A;

No I did not almost cry writing this.


Jarae Duvalle *QueenPetra

Destiny who-gives-a-fuck *AliceDaRabbit

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Stsutswaye Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow! This one was a really good part! So full of suspense at the end.
I told you that it was going to be good. .3.

It was so sad near the end... D: I was all like :iconohnoesplz: poor Jarae... getting his heart broken like that... =(, But anyways :iconwordplz:
AliceDaRabbit Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
Hehe Yey! Thank you very much <33
Stsutswaye Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
^-^ <33 no problem
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