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A Love To Kill For.
The loud thunderous roars, screaming from the night sky, the man dashed through the thick wet mud. Pulling his long cloak over his head, the hood dripped as the cold harsh rain drifted off the end over his face. The sudden storm had caught him off guard, and he lacked anything better to keep himself dry.  Fortunately, there was a small town, just ahead of him. It was dark and very few lights were able to be seen. Only the fire lit street lights were glowing brightly, as he quickly approached them.  

Entering the calm town, his feet splashed in the deep puddles along the side of the road. The hard rain drops leaving a soft echoing through his head, as he scanned in search of some kind of shelter. His eyes landing on a small bar, he sighed as he started towards it, knowing it was better then the rain.

Laying his hand upon the hard bulky door, he pushed it open with great strength. Almost immediately he was bombarded with the dense smoke and smell of liquor. Cringing he covered his nose, as he let the door slam shut. The loud bang didn't even phase the crowed bar, as the people kept talking loudly. The place itself was very dark, and you could see the  air filled with cigarette smoke. There were seemingly "easy" girls all over the place, hanging off of men's necks and the tables. The men themselves were mostly drunken commoners, few off duty guards and nothing really more.  Pushing through the mixture of people and tables, he made his way to the bar.

Sighing he sat down on the stool, wobbling a bit he grunted. Quickly switching to another stool he flopped his head onto the counter.  Exhausted from his travels he pulled his head up, focusing on the bartender he waved his hand. Resting his hand on the table he then waited.

Reaching up he pulled the string that was tied tightly around his neck. His cloak falling to the floor he gave his brown-red hair a swish. Grabbing his hair, he twisted it, draining it of most of the rain water. Letting his pony tail fall to his back, he then fixed the collar of his jacket. Black as a starless night, his elegant coat wrapped around a deep almost eggplant purple dress shirt. His slick ironed ebony pants reached all the way down to his tough boots.

Grabbing his drink from the bartender he shoot him a smile before looking down at the liquid in the smooth cup. Lifting the glass to his parched lips, he was unaware as steamy eyes watched him closely.

Gliding across the room like a swan, the slim fair-skinned girl flicked her long curly blond, elegant hair. Sapphire eyes glued to the man, she sneakily made her way over. With every soft, gentle step, her beaded shirt jingled, each bracelet on her arm bounced up and down.

Grabbing a stool she pulled it over, sitting next to him she smiled brightly. "Hello. How are you, tonight?" She chimed in a sweet voice that was softer than silk.

His eyes flickering to her, he quickly looked her over. Seeing she was covered in jewelery and her shirt was a bit see through, he didn't think twice about what she was. Rolling his eyes he then harshly growled. "Be gone. I'm not looking for "company" tonight. So take yourself elsewhere."

"Company? I'm afraid you're mistaken, lad. I am a dancer, not a whore."

Snapping his head around he sneered. " Then 'dance' elsewhere!" Hazel eyes narrowed dangerously he stared at her.

"But, I do not wish to my dear, I am Destiny. May I ask for your name?" Even after his outburst she was still clam and charming.

His gaze softening from her voice he let out a sigh. Turning back to his beer he took another sip. " I'm Jarae Duvalle, nice to meet you Destiny."

"Jarae? Thats a new one for me. Where are you from, Jarae?

"No where... I do not wish to speak of it." Speaking quietly he eyed his cup as if it were about to hop away.

"Ah, I understand." Silence falling over the two for a moment she soon broke it. " Are you new in town? I don't think I've seen you before."

"This is a big village, are you sure you've seen everyone?"
"No, I don't think I have, but still I take it, you aren't from around here."

"You are correct."

"Ah-ha! You see! I am never wrong! Girls intuition I suppose!" giggling her eyes turned to the door. Peaking out one of the windows from a far she gasped and turned to Jarae. " The rain has stopped. I should be leaving." Standing up she looked over at Jarae, her eyes eagerly awaiting him.

"Good night then." Not even looking up Jarae's eyes were stuck to his drink.

Gawking in disbelief  she shook her head. "Thats all? Goodnight? No... Offering me an escort home? Nothing?" Laughing again she bent down. Lightly grabbing his face in her slender fingers, she pulled his eyes to meet hers. "Well, will you please, walk me home?"

Puzzled at first Jarae, stared at her for a moment before sighing. Pulling away he picked up his drink, downing it all in a few gulps. Slamming the cup on the counter he grunted, as he through some coins to the bartender. Looking at Destiny he stood up, throwing his coat over his arm. "I don't have anything better to do I suppose."

Following her out of the bar, Jarae's eyes were on the glittering stone road. The fresh clean, rain washed, air filled their nostrils, as they walked in the soft moonlight. Silently walking the only noise was the wind blowing lightly through the trees. However it wasn't long before Destiny was talking.

Talking about nothing in particular she smiled at Jarae, her voice more heavenly then even an angel's. Even though it was mindless blabbering, Jarae found himself adding in as well. Swept away by her melody like words, it wasn't long before the two of them were laughing and giggling.

Jarae's eyes watched her swaying body, as each bead bounced, and each curl of her hair flipped. Almost in a trance he slowly drifted to her ocean blue eyes, mumbling through blushed lips. "You're very pretty."

"Oh? Am I now?" Biting back a smile she winked at him. " You're quite charming yourself."

"Ah! S-sorry, I didn't mean to be so blunt but, … I am?" stunned he stared a moment, before he shook his head, laughing. "You must have something in your eyes."

"No. Really! You are very handsome." Reaching over her hand grazed his cheek, sending shivers through his body. Skin softer then velvet, it was also quite pale, much like Jarae's.  

Blushing he looked at her hand stunned, before looking right into her eyes. Opening his shocked mouth to speak she then interrupted him.

"Here's my house." Stopping her eyes turned to a small house. It looked quite old, but it was nice nonetheless. It was small and between two larger houses. It was a simple brick house and nothing much more. Although Jarae could see that it was her house, she even had a sense of pride radiating off of her.

"Guess this is goodbye, then..." Filled with sorrow, his eyes fell to the dirt. His hand began rubbing his arm sadly.

Yeah... well, thank you for walking me home. It can be quite scary at night, yes?" Seeing his sadness she blushed a bit. Reaching over she grabbed his hand firmly, pulling him over so he was looking at her. The second his head lifted she threw herself forward. Kissing his lips passionately, her hands wrapped around his slender shoulders.

Stunned Jarae's arms encased her hips, as he instinctively  pulled her close. Eyes now shut tight he felt a swarm of butterflies within his stomach. Each moment locked with her lips leaving him weaker and weaker, almost as if she was draining him of, something.

Slowly pulling away after the two were out of breath, he looked at her with a stupid grin, panting as he did. "I..."

"Goodnight Jarae." Flushed herself Destiny then squeezed his hand. Skipping away from him she opened her front door, before hearing a call.

"W-wait! Destiny! W-will... I get to see you again?" Jarae shouted, even though it was almost closer to a whimpering beg.

" I don't know. Will you?" Winking again she then opened her door more before another grin crossed her face. "I work at the
'Sad unicorn'. If, you wish to see me tomorrow." With that she hopped inside, closing the door tight.

"Oh! A-... Alright." Gulping he rubbed the back of his head. Still a little confused to what just happened he let his smile grow. Turning he walked down the streets aimlessly for hours, before he grew to tired to go on. Spotting an Inn he quickly rented a room.

Laying on his new rented bed he stared at the roof in awe, still in shock. His eyes drifting closed, a wide grin lay on his face as he softly whispered. "Destiny..."
WELL... This is part one of the Contest...

there are 3 parts... but. I think I'm going to put 2 and 3 as one. I don't think 2 is long enough for it's own part. Anyway. I don't Write often. (you can see why xD I never finish and I suck at it.)


Hhhaaah... Well. I REALLY hope I didn't go OOC D: And. I was going to use Ryan. BUT SOMONE PICKED HIM and it felt weird doing two Ryans. Then Lucas was taken. And I couldn't bring my self to hurt my Troy-kun </3 D: (Love you son!!)

Then there was Dante... but. If I'm having problems with JARAE. There is no way I could do Dante. hehe;;

And I didn't know the others well enough to feel safe to Write with them.



*coughs* Anyway I'm Rambling now. Enjoy my Story. Here's to Praying I'll get part 2 done. :pray:


Jarae Duvalle *QueenPetra

Destiny who-gives-a-fuck *AliceDaRabbit

Words: 1578
pages: 3

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Stsutswaye Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, for certain I love it so far! It's great :3

=O Jarae! Grandma is disappointed!! XD hahahahaaaaa

Ahem :iconsweatplz: Sorry for taking Ryan? I just had to do it... D:

I can't wait for the next part(s?)!!!
AliceDaRabbit Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011
Yey!! <3 I'm glad you think so :3

and Oh boy wait for part two~ >: D oh wait... GO READ IT >: D xD

and It's okkkaayy >:C I'll live. xDD No No You fit Ryan well :3

and yey!! There is only one part (Smashed the 2 parts In the end so part 2 is the final one xD )
Stsutswaye Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
*has read it* :0

Ah~ Thanks!

XD lol okay
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